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Dan's interview article with OhmyNews (Korea)

Joi の Blog で発見。Wikinews に行くのでは、という当方予想は、全く見当違いでしたね。(笑) 結局彼自身の Citizen Journalism プロジェクトに関しては具体的に語っていませんが、もう少しマクロな視点からの Q&A で気になったものが2つ。 OhmyNews Technology : What's Next for Dan Gillmor?

Q) OhmyNews has sometimes been attacked on the issue of the accuracy of citizen journalism. How would you address that issue?

A) I think people who want to do journalism have some responsibility to be accurate and if they're not, they run the risk of being ignored. I think the best thing to do with inaccurate journalists is to not pay any attention to them. But there's also now more responsibility on the part of the reader to be somewhat more skeptical about what they read.

Q) What do you think about the future of the newspaper? Will it disappear?

A) Well, eventually, sure. I assume that we will have electronic displays that will be very high resolution, without flicker, to replicate the very best of the page, of print, which is really a wonderful form factor. I love books and like magazines, I like newspapers. We're going to get eventually a kind of handheld thing that is easy and pleasant to read as paper is in our hands today -- with a lot of things that will make it better, in some ways.  (中略)

A lot of where we're going is kids today using video and audio in ways we could never contemplate --  and SMS is a media of its own -- so we have a lot to learn. Us old guys are learning a lot from younger people about it works.

当方も最近そういう思いを強めていますが、子供たちのメディア消費行動を見ていると、メディアの未来が良くわかりますね。今話題の PSP も、将来ソフトウェアとネットワークの Update によって、携帯メディアのひとつになって行くのかもしれないですね。

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