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Google 親会社、Alphabet グループの A to Z を勝手想定してみる(お盆休みスペシャル)

お盆休みスペシャルとして、Google 親会社として突然登場した Holding Company、Alphabet 社の今後想定される Spin-out、M&A、新規事業立ち上げの A to Z 言葉遊びを以下の通り、勝手列記してみました。

これだけ揃えば Alphabet グループ無双は確実、となる完璧な想定。尚、カッコ内は設立済み企業です。

本想定はあくまでフィクションであり、他意はありません(私は元 Google 従業員で Google ラブが基本)が、書いているうちにありえなくも無い、と思ってしまいました。


<Alphabet A to Z>

A: Android - Mobile business company to be spun out from Google

B: Black Hole Research - [New!] Space security research company to compete with Alien hackers, to be spun out from Google X

(C: Calico - Life extension)

D: Deep Machines - [New!] AI business core for Alphabet group companies, renamed from SkyNet.

E: Environmental Sciences - [New!] To solve whole earth problems by renewable energy

(F: Fiber - High Speed Internet Service)

(G: Google - Search, Ads, Apps)

H: Hacker Resources - [New!] HR company to recruit every talented high-skill engineers from worldwide.  Targeting to acquire LinkedIn

I: Intelligence Blocker - [New!] To compete with all spy agencies worldwide

J: Jumpers - [New!] Teleportation service business company, spun out from Google X

K: Knowledge Bank - [New!] Brain storage from dead genius people, to be connected with AI (Deep Machines) in the near future

(L: Life Sciences - Contact Lens Device)

M: Maps - Geo business to be spun out from Google Maps

(N: Nest - Home IoT, [Added] Niantic Labs - Ingress)

O: Opus One - M&A, free premium winery for all Alphabet group employees

P: Pinterest - M&A, to strengthen photo search

Q: Q - [New!] IoT gadget creation company, final test done by MI6

R: Rescue Data Source - [New!] Thunderbird team for Alphabet group, to search and support people suffered from disasters, such as earthquake and tsunami

S: Space Surfers - [New!] Drone and satellite creation and operation company to collect every data from sky

T: Twitter - M&A, for day to day AI bigdata collection from humans (if not, buy TESLA for electric car creation)

U: Uber - M&A, for automatic driving cars infrastructure service

(V: Google Ventures - VC arm, merging also Google Capital)

W: Westinghouse Electric Company - M&A, to be bought from Toshiba, to destroy Nuclear power plant business (To be shut down soon)

(X: Google X - Various R&D, seed incubation)

Y: YouTube - Internet broadcasting company to be spun out from Google

Z: Dragon Ball Z [New!] - To make R&D for JEDI Master-like Kamehame-ha power, spun out from Google X